Additional Services

Additional with our travel & DMC services, we can also assist with the below services in Cyprus:


Legal Services
• Legal Advices & Consultation (temporary & permanent residency, visas, employment status, relocation)
Real Estate Services
• Real Estates Consultancy (Rentals, Real Estate Purchase, Investment)
• Real Estate Purchase and Sale
• Property Management (Contracts, Maintenance, Cleaning services)
Fiduciary/ Company/ Bank Services
• Bank Account Opening in Cyprus for EU citizens, non-EU citizens and Companies.
• Company Registration in Cyprus and other jurisdictions
• Company Legal Advices
• Accounting/ Audit/ Preparation of Financial Statement
Tax / Insurance/ Other Services
• Tax Advices for Companies and Individuals
• All type of Insurances
• Paper Facilitation & Legalization
• Relocation Assistance (Educational-School Choosing, Electricity and Water Bill Assistance, etc.)


Please note that the above services are provided from specialized and licensed professional companies and not from CYPITOUR.

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